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The Valor Showdown - Tournament

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

The Kongo Gym and Valor Academy in Kaysville Utah will be hosting a freestyle martial arts tournament on September 10th and Raptor Martial Arts has been accepted to participate! This will be the first tournament that we as a school will be able to participate in since opening the doors in February of this year. There will be a lot of different events that you will be able to choose from, the main categories include:

  • Traditional Forms (Kata or Heyong's) - You can perform any one of the traditional forms you you have learned against a panel of judges.

  • Freestyle Forms - If you have a form you have created and would like to perform it, with or without music.

  • Point Sparring (Kumite) - There will be point based sparring available, separated by age and difficulty level. You will be required to have the appropriate sparring gear in order to participate. (Uniform, approved Hear gear, mouth guard, Hand guards, feet guard and a cup). You also have the option to wear shin guards. *Talk with Mr. Melosi about which type of equipment you need and how points are made*

  • Flag Sparring - This is designed for those who would like to participate, but are still wary of contact sparring. It is much like flag football.

  • Board Breaking - Setup of boards to be broken with different techniques.

The initial division registration fee is $65, and each additional that you sign up for is only $15. (Example: Forms & Sparring = $80)

If you would like to participate in this tournament talk with Mr. Melosi and get on the list for early registration.

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