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Tae Kwan Do Boy Training

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you use a belt system?

Yes, at Raptor Martial Arts students will train with the goal of advancing their belt rank.  There are 10 colored belt rank levels students must work toward in order to achieve their black belt.  All student will begin in their first class as a white belt.  Advancing to the next belt level is reached based on a test given by the instructor when the amount of time spent training has been reached.  If the instructor believes the student is ready earlier, the offer will be presented to the student by the instructor.

Do I need to wear a uniform?

Regular students train with the proper uniform (AKA Do-bok or Do-gi) while participating in our martial arts program.  When you first arrive we suggest wearing comfortable clothes that allow you to move, kick and punch. A belt and uniform will be provided once you sign up as a member.

Hyper Pro & Fight Club students have a non traditional uniform

What style is it?

Raptor Martial Arts is a unique blend of martial art styles from around the world.  At our school you will learn self defense through grab defense, kicking, punching, blocking, and more.  The styles that are taught have elements of:

Korean: Taekwondo & Tang Soo Do

Japanese: Shotokan Karate

Chinese: Wing Chun Kung Fu

Thailand: Muay Thai

America: Boxing & Kenpo Karate

By using this blended approach, students have the opportunity to learn how to defend themselves both offensively & defensively at a distance & up close as the need arises.

Do I need to have previous knowledge in martial arts?

No, you do not need to have a background in martial arts or self defense in order to participate in our classes. 

We will train students at any skill level.  However, if you do have previous experience in another martial art, we

would have you start at the basic white belt level and progress at your own speed, based on your skill level.

Can I bring a a water bottle?

We highly encourage bringing your own water bottle to class, but we have water available for those that may have forgotten to bring one.

Is there a bathroom?

We do not have a bathroom directly in the school, but there is access to a bathroom across from the studio.

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