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Karate Practice


We offer classes for kids age 4+ and adults who are looking for a lifetime of positve benefits through the practice of martial arts.  Our classes help you build strength, increase flexibility, build confidence and self-esteem while learning skills needed to defend yourself in an effective and courageous way.


*We offer different membership options to fit your schedule and your budget*

Toddler Class  4-6 Years

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(45 minute Class)

The Hatchlings class is a fun and safe place to develop kids physical, mental, social & emotional growth. Through games and play they will learn self defense while cultivating their growth through the practice of martial arts.

Kids Class  7-12 Years

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Micro Raptors

(1 Hour Class)

Does your child need more discipline and respect, or maybe needs some exercise? How about a boost in self-esteem & confidence?  They should try one of our micro raptor classes .  They will learn how to balance their mind and body while having a fun time growing their skills.  

Teen/Adult Class  13 +



(1 Hour Class)

Looking for increased flexibility & balance while getting back in to shape? Come in and try out a class where you will learn how to block, punch & kick through the practice of martial arts.  

Women's Self Defense

Self Defence Training

 1 hour long class

(4 weeks)

The women's self defense class is a class designed specifically for teaching women how to defend themselves and be more confident in themselves.  In this short term 4 week long class you will learn basic strikes, kicks, and how to get away from being grabbed.

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Hyper Pro

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Members Special Class

(1 Hour Class each week)

The Hyper Pro class is a Martial Arts curriculum with weekly classes, contests, challenges and special events. This class helps create Martial Arts Athletes with modern drills, kicks, acrobatics, weapons training, extreme forms and Pro Athlete Mindsets.

Current membership required

Sparring "Fight Club"


Members Special Class

(1 Hour Class each week)

The sparring club is a class for current students who want more focused lessons on how to improve their sparring abilities at tournaments. Students train how to become sparring athletes. The Fight Club class is designed to motivate students to be the best they can while remaining humble and positive role models in their home and in their community.

Current membership required

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