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About Raptor Martial Arts


Raptor Martial Arts and Self Defense is a mixed freestyle

martial art created by instructor Nick Melosi

Mr. Melosi has been studying & practicing martial arts for over 20 years.  He received his first black belt in Taekwondo in 2004. Wanting to expand on the knowledge of Korean martial arts, he spent several more years practicing under the ITF Tang Soo Do style receiving a green belt w/ red stripe and was a Tang Soo Do instructor.  Raptor Martial Arts includes cross training in Shotokan Karate, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Muay Thai, and American Kenpo Karate.  This style was created as a way to fuse the different martial arts into a more fluid and balanced form of self defense.


Realizing the positive impact teaching martial arts to elementary students, in Carbon County, UT, via the after school program, Raptor Martial Arts was envisioned and established in 2019.  The school was opened to students of all ages on February 2021 and continues to grow.

The "Hatchlings" class for kids age 4-6 is taught by instructors Marsha Melosi & Ashleigh Ball

Marsha has a background training in Tang Soo Do and became an instructor at Raptor Martial Arts in 2022.  Marsha knows how to bring a fun experience to the kids while teaching them to be respectful and how to defend themselves.  She has experience as a substitute teacher, a mother of 2 children who also train in Raptor Martial Arts, and is the owner/operator of "Critter Sitters" in home pet care.

Ashleigh, her husband and her 2 children started training with Raptor Martial Arts early 2022.  She has been a Hatchlings instructor since October 2022.  Bringing her ideas and her fun personality into the dojang helps make our Hatchlings class a rewarding experience for the kids.

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