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The last class being held at the 264 S Carbon Ave. location was on Thursday April 29th. I was informed that I had 2 weeks left to teach at this location and the building would be either torn down or converted into an apartment house on May 1st. Classes will be put on hold the following week while I continue to work on renovations of the new building. The goal is to resume classes and open the doors on May 9th. The new location will be 2654 S Highway 10 Price, Ut 84501.

While it is unfortunate that this is had to happen on such short notice, I am grateful I had the opportunity to start my classes at this location if only for a short while! I do believe that with this door closing a new positive chapter will open up at the new studio. I am putting alot of hard work into the new space and I really hope my student will like it!

Also, I want to give a huge shout out to all my family and friends who took the time to help me with some of the work that has been done so far. I can't express my gratitude toward their willingness to help me with this new endeavor!

"The Carmichael Family, The Ossness Family, The Ball Family, and Corey Roberts"

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