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Helper Arts Fest - Demonstration

Raptor Martial Arts will be doing a demonstration at the Helper Arts festival this coming Friday August 19th at 6:00pm. Students that have been attending class regularly for at least 2 months and have signed up will be participating. Be sure to come wearing your uniform & belts to the demonstration if you currently have one.

We will have a practice at the Washington park next to the Wave Pool on Saturday August 13th at 5:00pm. The practice will last 1 hour so that we can go over what we will be performing the following Friday the 19th. Wear regular exercise clothes to the park practice. Here is what we will be working on:

-Punches, Kicks & Blocks

-White belt Form (Kicho Hyung Ill Bu) -Yellow belt form (Kicho Hyung Ee Bu)

-White belt long distance 1 & 2 -Yellow belt long distance 3 & 4

-White belt grab defense 1 & 2 -Yellow belt grab defense 3 & 4

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