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New Training Videos

At home training videos are now available! I highly encourage students to utilize these tools to train at home between their weekly classes. All the kicks, blocks, strikes and techniques you will need to know are included by belt level in the "Training Videos" tab on the website.

If you are currently enrolled in weekly classes you will have full member access at the current level you hold. Simply login to your account and click on the belt level you current are at to gain access to your videos.

If you are interested in gaining access to these videos I am offering an online membership package for $20/Month to those that would like to access these videos. Nothing can substitute face to face training, but for those that have the discipline to train at home they can use these videos as a way to keep up with their practice and learn new techniques, especially when time or distance may be a problem. When online students feel they are ready to advance and take their belt test, they will need to contact me to administer their test. If the student advances to their next level it will unlock their next set of training videos to continue practicing. My hope is that this platform can be a way for people around the world to have access to martial arts where a dojo/dojang training facility may not available. Happy Training to all!

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